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Photos of Jay Cutler's Bicep Surgery!


Photos of Jay Cutler's Bicep Surgery!
>> To read more and see pictures, click here. <<
We all knew that there was an issue with Jay Cutler’s bicep from the 2011 Olympia on stage, and perhaps, that issue a few weeks before the contest caused him to not fully train correct, especially in the crucial last two weeks. This week, Jay Cutler had bicep surgery, and his recovering quite nicely. We all wish you the very best Jay!
From Dave Bourlet:
According to Jay Cutler's good friend Mark Anthony, at about 3:30pm on Friday, Feb 24th, 2012 the doctor who performed Jay's surgery said that the surgery went well. Jay's bicep was torn in 2 different places. WOW! He is a bit drowsy right now but he has his people close to him there to help him and make sure he is okay. To that he responded: COMEBACK!!!!!!!!!!!
Some photos of actual surgery!




05/03/12 12:46:35

Interesting will be to see how this will effect his training and performace on stage.

Stage Master

04/03/12 2:26:42

Wish him the very best in his recovery!!!

Roni Rock

04/03/12 1:45:31

All the world hope for you the very best. get well and back to the field more powerful, massive, strong, blance and the most importen, healthy! HOPES!!!!! :_)

Jay fan

04/03/12 1:14:14

Hope he will be back as strong as before!

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